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National World Relief Fund

When supporting the National World Relief and Disaster Fund, here is what you are contributing to: Providing food, shelter, clothing and fuel to needy; construction and support of schools; operating expenses, staff costs, supplies and buildings for medical services; trade schools; orphanages; infirmaries (nursing homes); education and services for deaf and disabled students; food and shelter for disaster victims.

In India there are schools, orphanages, trade schools and medical services. In Haiti there is school construction, medical supplies, medical expenses, orphanages, well drilling and trade schools. In Jamaica there is construction and support of schools for deaf, support for nursing homes, support for poor hospitals and support for several small projects for the poor. In Mexico there are deaf projects, housing projects, orphanages, medical teams, dental services, and eye services. In Eastern Europe there is food and fuel for the needy, clothing, and support of self help projects. In the US there are several schools and educational projects for needy, housing for special needs, and special local humanitarian projects.

There is also a child sponsorship project which gives people the opportunity to support students to attend school who otherwise would not be able to. These students are in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico.

There are also several distribution centers near local Apostolic Christian Churches which collect and distribute food, clothing, furniture grain and medical supplies locally and internationally.

The Disaster fund provides relief to victims of earthquakes, floods, famine, hurricanes and tornadoes nationally and internationally.

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