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Mission and Bible Fund (Committee)

When supporting the Mission Fund, here is what you are contributing to: Foreign and domestic church building construction; Bible distribution throughout the world; hymn book translation and dispersion; printing and distribution of sermons and other spiritual materials, including the Silver Lining.

Example: In the past years a Bible was placed in each box that went to the Katrina, Joplin, and other disaster areas sent by Midwest Food of Bloomington. This included a Bible Story book for children, supplied by the Mission Committee. As of today, over 70 semi loads of food parcels have been taken to Louisiana and Mississippi, each with a Bible.

More specifically: In the USA, the establishing and aiding of new and existing churches. Supporting small churches. In Mexico, mission and support in existing churches such as Ixtlan and Magdalena, establishing new churches, translating hymn books and Bibles into Spanish. In India, funding and spiritual assistance with the Rural Gospel Medical Mission of India (RGMMI). In Europe, assisting financially the printing of hymn books and Bibles; helping build and repair church buildings, particularly after the fall of Communism. Mission serves in countries as Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia (Serbia), Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia and Germany. In Japan, mission work in new and existing churches. . . being very difficult to penetrate the nation’s Buddhist religion.

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