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Mark & Angie Reinhard

Ministry Goals:

With many lost, hurting, and hopeless souls in our community, the goal of Foundations is to provide inspiration and opportunity for Christians to share their time and love with the least and lost in Bluffton.  Following Jesus’ mission we will then seek to build discipleship relationships.


Foundations began during the summer of 2012 when a building on Market Street was rented out to act as the central hub for outreach.  An Advisory Board first met in August of 2012 with a common goal, but needing the direction of the Spirit.  Over the next few months, a small group of families began meeting every Thursday evening with the intent to simply be available to the many people living in the downtown Bluffton apartments.  By the power of the Spirit, persistent love was shown weekly to these people and they slowly began to earn trust and build some friendships.

Current Activities:

A group of Christian families and individuals meet at Foundations every Thursday evening from 6:30 – 8:30.  A typical Thursday evening begins with a group of men and woman going two-by-two door-to-door in downtown Bluffton with the love of Christ and a few bags of cookies.  The groups revisit people that have been receptive during past weeks while also trying to visit new apartments and homes.  Cookies are used as an ice breaker and the groups try to show love and invite souls to future Bible Studies to learn more about Jesus.  Back at Foundations, a couple is also providing a lesson to the children.  When the group returns, the evening ends with a Bible Study for interested adults while the children and some adults interact in free play time.

A group also meets at Foundations every Friday morning to pray for the many people that were met when going door to door.


There are so many needs in downtown Bluffton where alcohol and drugs are abused and a two parent family is the exception and far from the norm.  While we are trusting God to provide, the potential services that Foundations offers these souls is directly related to the volunteers involved and the finances available.  Here are a few ways to offer help for this ministry:

  Sincere prayer – you can join the Friday morning group or request a list of people to pray for.

  Come to Foundations on Thursday evening and be available to reach out and serve.

  Donate financially (the building is currently being rented, but we have a desire to purchase it)

  Bake Cookies that can be shared by the outreach groups or offer to provide the snack that is shared with the children and those involved in the Bible Study.

  Assist with construction projects (there are many ways that the building could be improved to better serve).

  Offer to clean the building once a month.  Ideally this would be done alongside someone from the community and be an opportunity to disciple.

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