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FAM Ministries

“Our mission is to bring glory to God by providing a vehicle by which members and friends of the Apostolic Christian Church can meet the needs of hurting and at risk children both in our community and around the world.”

Foster Care - FAM encourages families to reach out to the children in the foster care system by:

  Sharing the great need for foster care families.  There are currently over half a million children in the United States Foster Care system and all are in need of a Christian family to love them.

  Providing information and resources to those who are interested in the opportunities provided through being foster care parents.

  Connecting prospective foster care families with short term foster care programs, long term foster care agencies, special needs agencies, and foster-to-adopt a programs.


Adoption - FAM promotes adoption through networking existing adoptive families, encouraging other families to adopt, and providing financial assistance for adoptions by:

  Networking adoptive parents through regular meetings in order to provide a support system.

  Encouraging others to experience the blessings of adoption by hosting an adoption celebration night and providing personal resources to potential adoptive families.

  Creating an Adoption Fund to help adoptive families deal with the expense of adoption by providing financial assistance.


Mentoring - FAM encourages individuals to reach out to those who need the support of a loving, Christian mentor through:

  Understanding great need for Christian mentors  and communicating this need to the public in order to inspire volunteers to reach out to those in need.

  Researching existing mentoring programs in order to match volunteers to the one that is right for them.

  Supporting mentors by connecting them with one another and helping them deal with any issues or problems that may arise.


If you have questions about FAM Ministries, please contact:

Chip and Angie Topp
Michael and Jane Reinhard
Jon and Beth Ringger

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