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Apostolic Christian Teams Involved in Others Needs

Galatians 6:10  As we have opportunity therefore, let us do good unto all men…

ACTION is a program designed to help local families with home repair needs.  The program focuses on basic repairs and upkeep for those who are in need of a little boost or are not capable of completing the work alone.

If you can’t hold a paint brush, you can still be a tool in God’s hands.  Many of the homes are badly in need of repairs, but the people need someone to talk to as well.  Sometimes the best help we can give is a listening ear and a caring heart.  Besides sharing with the homeowners, ACTION and other church organizations can use workers with a willingness to help whether it is organizing, cleanup, providing food or the actual repair work.

These local projects allow us to focus on helping our neighbors and improving their lot in our community.  There are people who were helped in the past, and come back later to help with other projects and give back what they have been given.


Alan & Sheryl Ringger: 565-3386
Eric and Marcia Steffen: 565-3466

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the committee members.

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